Classes Designed

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  • 1 Hour
  • Hard Fitness

High-intensity training (HIT)

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a form of exercise that alternates short bursts of intense activity with brief periods of rest or lower-intensity exercises. It aims to maximize calorie burn, improve cardiovascular fitness, and enhance overall endurance in a time-efficient manner.
  • 1 Hour
  • Full Fitness

HYROX Training

HYROX Training is a high-intensity fitness program that combines functional strength exercises with timed indoor running, challenging participants to complete a series of workout stations and running segments in a competitive and comprehensive circuit-style format. It offers a dynamic and versatile workout experience aimed at improving overall athleticism, endurance, and functional fitness.
  • 45MIN-90MIN
  • Various Trainnings

Full Bodybuilding

Our Full Body Building Class is a comprehensive workout designed to strengthen and sculpt your entire body. Through a combination of resistance exercises targeting major muscle groups, you'll improve muscle growth, endurance, and overall fitness levels, guided by certified instructors for a safe and effective experience suitable for all fitness levels.
  • 60MIN
  • Ladies Fitness

Ladies Functional

Our Ladies Functional Training Class is a dynamic and empowering workout tailored for women, by women. Focusing on improving functional fitness for everyday movements. Led by our experienced trainers, the class incorporates bodyweight exercises, functional movements, and strength and core training, flexibility, balance, and overall mobility, fostering a stronger and more confident lifestyle.

Why Qudrah?

Introduction to



our mission is to empower our members by enhancing their physical capabilities.

With specialized trainers and advanced equipment, we create a dynamic environment that inspires individuals to go beyond their limits and achieve incredible transformations on their fitness journey

Our goal

Our main focus at Qudrah Fitness is functional training because of the proven benefits. With an emphasis on mobility, strength, and conditioning, the benefits of functional training differ from other workouts because of the way it targets your body.


An atmosphere of fun, high power, amenities, motivation and desired results! A unique experience in a our community that is unique and distinct from any other place

Our culture

Inovation + Motivation = Results

To build an innovative fitness community, we prioritize collaboration, creativity, and continuous learning. Through interactive workshops, digital platforms, and innovative programs, we inspire remarkable transformations. Together, we create a vibrant, adaptable fitness community.


Our exceptional trainers embody inspiration and motivation, reflecting the spirit of leadership in every step they take with their extensive experience and remarkable passion. Through their individual guidance and customized classes, they assist you in exploring the hidden potential within you and reaching the pinnacle of your personal development.


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